Alien OG – Cannabis Delivery – 7 Grams – Hybrid


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Alien OG – Cannabis Delivery – 7 Grams – Hybrid

Alien OG is a hybrid cross of Tahoe OG and Alien Kush, first available as a clone in California’s Bay Area and now in seed form from Cali Connection. Alien OG has the typical smell and taste of lemon and pine OG, and its intense elevation combines heavy body effects and a psychedelic cerebral buzz. Beginners and novices, be sure with this heavy-hitter to take it slow.

About Alien OG

Alien OG is an out-of-this-world strain with a reputation all its own, even though it has roots in California’s very own OG Kush. The seed company The Cali Connection created this sativa-leaning hybrid as a cross between Tahoe OG Kush (itself a phenotype of the original OG Kush) and Cali Connection’s very own Alien Kush indica. With approximately equal parts cerebral stimulation and physical relaxation, Alien OG offers a soaring psychedelic high. The THC content of Alien OG can range from 20% to as much as 28% .

Alien OG buds are packaged as tiny, nugget-like clusters. Although the flowers often have a dense, compact structure of the bud, some phenotypes lean more sativa and have looser leaves that are fluffier. The leaves themselves appear light green and are offset for fertilization by orange to vibrant red pistils, which are structures that allow the female plants to catch pollen. Alien OG flowers are resinous, covered in trichomes that make them appear moist and frosty, as demonstrated by their high THC content. There is a surprisingly sweet, citrus-like smell to this strain, with lemon notes wafting up from the cured buds. More subtle notes of earth and fresh pine are also there. Flowers give off a more spicy, hashy aroma typical of the OG family when combusted. Lung-expanding but very smooth is the smoke. Hashy incense and a faint tang of ammonia on the exhale may be tasted by smokers. This is one pungent strain, and after it is smoked, its odor can linger for a while; this may not be the correct choice for any smokers trying to keep their consumption discreet.

It is said that the high from Alien OG comes on quickly as a bracing pressure behind the eyes. A sudden change in cognition, as thoughts race in rapid-fire association, accompanies this head rush. The intensity of this cerebral effect is often determined by the configuration and environment of the user or their individual tolerance. The high can take on psychedelic proportions in cases where a smoker is able to comfortably settle into the altered state of Alien OG: visual distortions such as enhanced colors or peripheral flashes can occur, as can the trippy sensation of time moving more slowly. As the great advances, or as users consume higher amounts, physical relaxation sets in. As energetic or as relaxing as smokers want, this strain can be as easy to enjoy among friends as it is vegging out alone. The well-rounded height of Alien OG also lends itself to several medical applications. For those struggling with depression, its euphoria can be a boost, while for those with stress, anxiety, or PTSD, its ever-present cerebral nature can be grounding and mindful. While not immobilizing, its palpable body stone can be useful in relieving chronic aches and pains and even nausea. Alien OG can even be an effective means of banishing insomnia at sufficiently high doses and lulling users into deep, refreshing sleep. However, this strain can sometimes lead to a kind of paranoid, recursive thinking for smokers who are inexperienced or prone to anxiety due to its ‘racey’ properties.

The creators of Alien OG at Cali Connection have made available seeds of the strain for sale. It is moderately difficult to grow, and may not be the best for cultivation for newcomers. This strain is known to have trouble developing a root system, and may require potting with rockwool and a significant amount of nutrients when first planted, if it is better grown indoors than out. By trimming large fan leaves in order to allow light and air to reach flowering nodes on the lower branches, the short, bushy plants may also require topping. When grown indoors, Alien OG flowers within 8 to 9 weeks and offers an average yield.

Once harvested, growers should also take care to properly heal their flowers to maintain the high THC composition of this strain. Curing is a two-stage process that involves first hanging flowers upside down for 7-10 days in a room with 50 percent humidity and a temperature of 70 degrees Fahrenheit; and then sealing the buds in clean, airtight jars in a space that maintains temperatures of 70 degrees and humidity of 60-65 percent once stems snap easily from the flowers.

Alien OG has certain mind-bending properties, like the parent strain Alien Kush, which make it an attractive strain for potentially trippy activities such as nature walks, music appreciation, or just intense conversation. Its excellent taste and high balance make it a welcome addition to the ever-expanding OG family.


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