BC Roadkill – Cannabis Delivery – 7 Grams – Indica


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BC Roadkill – Cannabis Delivery – 7 Grams – Indica

Another strain that British Columbia is proud to call its own is BC Roadkill. It is rumored that this top-shelf strain is among the stinkiest out there (though not in the same way that roadkill is). This strain is loved by growers for its consistent above average yields and flowering period of 8 weeks. With red hair, the flowers will be large and purple-blue, and they will usually reek of skunk and citrus. Its musky scent is due to its parent, BC Roadkill Skunk, which was bred to produce this hybrid with Deep Chunk. For its powerful buzz that is soothing and trancey without becoming a complete knockout, customers even flock to scoop up this Roadkill. Sleep can come quickly, but so can euphoria and happy talk, making it a daytime option for anxiety and stress treatment for many.

About BC Roadkill

You may not be reluctant to sample this audacious strain with a name like BC Roadkill, but its heavy, pungent aroma is definitely an acquired taste; its smooth and indicative high is a great thing to recommend. BC Roadkill is a cross between BC Roadkill Skunk Hybrid and Deep Chunk pure Indian, developed in British Columbia, Canada. The effect is a stinky but strong strain which is ideal for a large range of circumstances. The THC content of the strain was estimated from 12% to 25%.

The flowers of BC Roadkill are typically medium to wide and ahderous in forms varying from extended and cylindrical to tapered and spady. These buds are usually indicative of form, with small leaves that overlap and curl tightly to the centre. BC Roadkill’s phenotypes also have blue and purple flashes of the leaves as well The leaves themselves are dark in green forest; The latter hues arise as cold weather in the growth phase agitates pigments called anthocyanins in the genetic system. Finally the inner and outer nooks of these dense flowers are covered with cloudy, translucent lines which give them a slightly blank shine.


BC Roadkill takes a funky pungency on first inspection after their parent strain BC Roadkill Skunk. A second whiff of these flowers shows a few more lovely citrus notes. Grinding the buds gives a hashy, somewhat herbal scent. BC Roadkill, when burned, is just as offensive and has a rough and savory smoke that causes watery eyes and cough. This smoke is skunky in exhalation, with a certain bright, fruity flavour.

It takes 15 minutes after consumers have coughing on their cigarettes to expose their existence, and slowly the impact of BC Roadkill. Once the high one raises its head, however the upper face and forehead are squeezed, together with a propensity to raise salivation. In addition to these sensations, many smokers are also experiencing sensory distortions, marked by a mild hallucination of the visual and the auditive, and an oddly lingering sense of time. If you are so inclined, these trippy properties can be intensified even more by digging into atmospheric music or visually moving movies. The mental properties of BC Roadkill generally include a mild increase in concentration and a free association in customer thinking. Some will work on complex theoretical tasks and any open-ended artistic ventures, if adequately inspired. In general, however the BC Roadkill is a smooth, smooth ride offering a fun setting for activities like a binge-watching session or a lower-key evening with friends. With time passed or with a higher dose the physical effects of BC Roadkill may become much greater, which can weigh eyelids and limbs equally. This strain is recommended for evening or night time because of its mostly sleepy vibes.


In medical cannabis patients, BC Roadkill may also bring many applications. Its mood-changing effects can help relieve stress, depression and anxiety symptoms temporarily. It may also stun physical pain, whether it’s a chronic condition or a daily annoyance like a headache. It can also stun BC Roadkill can also lull sleepless persons in a deep, quiet sleep at high doses. Since intensely cerebral effects are not known, the strain is a good option for people who are likely to panic or have a poor THC tolerance.


Seeds of strain have been available online for BC Roadkill’s breeder Cannacopia. They can be cultivated indoors or outdoors, but good outdoor farming requires a semi-wet, mediterranean climate. Plants tend to become short and bushy and can be comfortably accommodated indoors with heavy side implications. BC Roadkill is grown within within eight weeks and provides a moderate yield of up to 42 grams (or 1.5 ounces) of flower per plant square foot.

BC Roadkill is a must-try for Indian fans due to strong — but not weak — effects. The pungence can go quite a long way, however and farmers and smokers who wish to remain discreet should therefore invest in some odor management precautions.


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