Green Dream – Cannabis Delivery – 7 Grams – Hybrid


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Green Dream – Cannabis Delivery – 7 Grams – Hybrid

Green Dream is the combination Green Crack and Blue Dream cross that prevails.

About Green Dream

Green Dream is a sativa-dominant hybrid based on certain strong genetics to achieve new euphoria and healing stages. While its original reproducer is undocumented, it is known that this strain is a crossroads between the iconic blue dream and the famous green crack sativa. With its long-lasting fragrance that blends citrus and floral accents, this bud’s attraction to indica and sativa lovers alike cannot be denied. The THC content of Green Dream was estimated between 11% and 24%.

The flowers of Green Dream are indeed dreamy – colorful and especially huge. Slender buds, something like miniature cycling trees, stick to elongated spindles. The flowers have a distinctive sativa form, with loose and twisted leaves which can be ripped away easily from their central twigs. These fluffy leaves are a dark shade of green forest and have an especially large volume of pistils of orange and brown colour. Finally, a crown of cloudy white trichomes makes these flowers highly sticky and difficult to break up without using a grinding quality.

The key fragrance that comes from the flowers of Green Dream is musky and earthy, which looks like damp soil. There is also a luminous citrus undertone that spices the overall impression until closer examination. In the meantime, brothing or picking up these flowers gives the skunky scent of Green Crack, a parent strain. Green Crack produces fun smoke when burned into a pipe or a joint. This smoke has a limony flavor and some floral and fruity essence, which make Blue Dream so famous as a parent strain. The high of Green Dream comes into force rapidly, initially acting as a gushing around the temples and the forehead and growing saliva production. The physical effects are followed by a marked shift in sensory perception. External stimuli can appear more sharp or take on strange new dimensions. Furthermore, smokers can encounter ineffable phenomena such as time spacing or visual distortions. Once they respond to these stimuli, whether they are willing, the user will also be able to sense a difference in his thoughts. Certain ephemeral ideas and concepts will take greater consideration than they would otherwise have, thereby improving brainstorming and working on open-ended innovative ventures. On the other hand, such thoughts may lead to negative or unproductive thoughts and panic or anxiety of vulnerable users. But Green Dream’s brain attitude can be a good way to do jobs and to add some color to mundane tasks such as cleaning the house in the correct environment. When the hypertensive wear, there is also tangible physical relief. Smokers may not actually be pinned, but a reduction in deep physical stress may be observed. This holistic stimulation can be good for activities like exercise and video play which require physical and mental coordination. Green Dream is best enjoyed during the late afternoon or early evening because of its gradual decrease in power.

The flexible effects of Green Dream may also be widespread for patients with medicinal cannabis. Its lucidity and concentration can allow people with attention deficit disorders to focus on individual tasks. The mood-enhancing properties of the strain can also temporarily remove mild to moderate stress and depression. Physiologically speaking, the mild physical rest of Green Dream can alleviate both pain and aches, both permanently and temporarily, because of conditions such as arthritis or lupus. As noted, some people who are vulnerable to panic or have a poor tolerance of THC may not be able to take this pressure cerebral mentality. Online retailers do not have seeds of this strain. In order to create genetically identical “clones,” prospective cultivators should look for a trusted source from which to get the strain cut-out. Green Dreams plants tend to be short and bushy with a heavy lateral twisting. Indoor development can often “top” the plant by eliminating light blocking fan leaves that could prevent any low-growing node from flowering. When grown indoors, Green Dream flowers in 8 to 9 weeks.

The smooth combination of effects of Green Dream makes it attractive for lovers of both Indian and Sativa. In a social situation if you break this strain, make sure you share it enough, as your fragrance can draw attention.


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