Road Dawg – Cannabis Delivery – 7 Grams – Indica


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Road Dawg – Cannabis Delivery – 7 Grams – Indica

Road Dawg was created by sourcing quality genetic science from each destiny and JJ.NYC of prime Dawg Seeds. JJ.NYC contributed a Stardawg female, that was crossed with Karma’s Biker Kush. The result’s a beautiful, vigorous hybrid that produces giant yields. The flavors are earthy and gassy with tropical fruit undertones. Road Dawg is that the good strain for anyone wanting a balanced mind and body high that’s potent whereas still engaging.

About Road Dawg

Two heads are higher than one, and once high breeders collaborate to develop distinctive strains, the planet pays attention. people from destiny biological science joined forces with JJ.NYC from high Dawg Seeds and along they created Road Dawg. This indica-dominant bud stems from a cross between Stardawg and Biker Kush that’s typically delineate as mindblowing.

If you’re searching for a mellow bud to get pleasure from when an extended day, this one isn’t it. Road Dawg brings 26% psychoactive substance to your life along side sturdy effects, therefore keep the newbies aloof from her. Flower takes on a mint inexperienced tone that’s accented by terribly thick pistils and a fair thicker coating of golden white trichomes. a noteworthy flavor combination awaits as Road Dawg blends tropical fruit with notes of mint and a powerful style of diesel, going users curious what they merely experienced.

Initially, this strain would possibly surprise you and cause you to assume it absolutely was labeled incorrectly as her sativa aspect comes on quickly. Users can feel euphoric, motivated, and have the power to focus like none other. nice for outlay time with friends, Road Dawg permits you to faucet into your a lot of social tendencies and keeps an enormous smile on your face for hours. However, in time your body can begin to relax from head to toe and you’ll be lulled into a hungry and sleepy-eyed state that even the foremost fully fledged smokers can’t fight off.

As the choices for medical strains still become a lot of and more numerous, users are left curious which of them to show to at the tip of an extended day. Time and time again, Road Dawg comes out on top with the power to appease each physical and mental considerations with ease. whether or not it’s anxiety and depression or a huge megrim that’s keeping you from falling asleep, let this gal do the trick. Take a drag or 2 before you eat and overcome any craving problems or kick your feet up and feel aches and pains wash away.

Road Dawg can be a bit troublesome to search out if you’re wanting to get seeds, however the hassle is well value it. This strain will equally well within or outdoors, and one check out her yields when nine to eleven weeks can cause you to wish to forever keep her in your rotation. Flower does tend to get fairly heavy, therefore confirm to support her branches as needed.

When it involves all-round nice weed, Road Dawg checks off the boxes then some. forward you’re a seasoned smoker and may handle a small amount of diesel in your life, this bud can offer you everything you’re searching for once it involves rest and relaxation. confirm to forever keep some in your personal stash!


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